Comprehensive Medical Health &
Wellness Platform (MHAWS)

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Program Coordinator: Dr. Q. Russell, PhD

Mission: The BCE MHAWS Program is a comprehensive Health & Wellness platform committed to educating, informing, and supporting its members through medical debt support scholarships, educational seminars, newsletters, & more. This elective program is open to all BCE Members who elect to become Medical Program Participants.

This Medical support program endeavors to empower, educate and elevate program participants to be active stakeholders in their own Health, Wellness & Medical Status.

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At a Glance

Get answers to health & wellness questions, apply for medical debt assistance, and get educated on fitness, health & wellness related topics.

What is it?

  • Optional Medical Support Fund
  • Support for BCE Medical Participants who have medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • Members enable this fund with annual minimal contribution of $19.99

Why is it Important?

  • Be our own rescue
  • Help reduce and/or eliminate medical debt
  • Educate our communities in an effort to minimize the negative impact of health disparities
  • Invest in our communities Health and Wellness Infrastructure

Focus Areas

The BCE Health & Wellness platform focuses on 3 distinct program areas to educate, motivate, & create Medical opportunities & resources within our community.

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Educational Seminars

Provide members with financial medical support, investment, and health & wellness opportunities.

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Medical Scholarship

Support for BCE Medical Participants who have medical expenses not covered by insurance

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Electronic newsletter included with BCE Medical Subscription Newsletter – The “Temple” Health & Wellness Newsletter

Mind, Body & Soul Seminars

Seminars will be offered at no charge (outside of annual fee) to BCE Medical Program Participants. BCE Non-medical program members can choose to attend select webinars for a one-time per seminar low cost. Seminars are taught & facilitated by discipline specific credentialed/degreed professionals. Quota attendance must be achieved to qualify for medical scholarship.

Health & Wellness

Fitness & Exercise

Mental Health


*Information shared during educational seminars are not intended to replace, alter, or minimize professional medical advice. Attendees are encouraged to seek personalized medical/health-related advice from their own health care provider for specific guidance.

Subscription Details

Note: Participation in this program is for registered Breaking Chains Enterprises membership. 


$19.99 yearly subscription


Registered BCE members


  • Access to MHAWS VIP Discord Channel
  • Access to exclusive Health & Wellness (Mind, Body & Soul)Seminars
  • BCE Medical Participants status to apply for Medical Health & Wellness Scholarship
  • Electronic Newsletter Subscription
  • Health & Wellness Investment Opportunities
  • Much more...
  • Join the MHAWS Team

    Do you have professional education, skills, or expertise in the health, wellness, fitness, or medical fields? If so, we are looking for YOU!
    To volunteer, send your resume, the position & why you want to join to

    Volunteer Opportunities

  • Medical Leadership Team (MLT)
  • Application Review Team (ART)
  • Health And Wellness Advisory Board (HAWAB)
  • Newsletter Committee