You are deciding to join the financial support arm of Breaking Chains Enterprises, LLC. We are not an investment club, gifting group, gifting circle, etc. We are a community of friends and family that have come together to financially support each other.

Return of Support

Your agreement to participate in The Eden Project is voluntary and this support is given freely and without coercion. You are outright giving your support without consideration and no repayment is expected or implied either in the form of cash or by future services. THERE IS NO RETURN OF SUPPORT. THEREFORE, PLEASE BE VERY SURE ON YOUR DECISION TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EDEN PROJECT.


There are four (5) levels of support, THE GATHERING, THE GATE, THE GARDEN, THE PROMISE & VICTORY and you will be participating in ALL levels. All support cycles are perpetual with an option to opt out at any time.

Sowing & Resowing

All support is sown and resown via our automated Trinity Elite Software System (TESS).