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About Breaking Chains

Building Black Wall Street, Not Across City Blocks But Across Nations

Breaking Chains Enterprises is a registered entity of like-minded friends and family. We are a faith-based Cooperative that operates by God's Biblical principles, and we promote the spirit of community.

Our vision is to boldly and confidently create a wealth-building platform that enables every man, woman and child to become socially and economically self-motivated, self-educated and self-empowered to break the proverbial chains of generational poverty.

What is Cooperative Economics?

A group of people united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspiration.

About the Founder

It is one thing to have a dream, but it is certainly  another thing to build a life around all of your dreams. Some of the most powerful and most influential people in the world have often said that it takes hard work, self-discipline and an insane amount of determination to become great and do great things. Mary Boyde says, “It takes God.”

A native of Washington, D.C, now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Mary Louella Boyde grew up knowing she was different – not in the way most would think, but early on she answered a calling that would later not only set her apart from that which was deemed normal, but it would also prove that she was created different to make a difference. 

Our Team

We Are Breaking Chains Together

There is so much work to do for our community, and as our Cooperative continues to grow,
it will take a team of dedicated and like-minded people to support our members.


Dee Gipson

Drea Mallory

Ericka Rivers

Diane Sampson

Leon Villaroel

Ty Walton

Owerri Washington


Falecia BrownHammond, IN

Carolyn FergusonRockford, IL

Emma Norfleet-HaleyAccokeek, MD

Andrea HarmonSt. Albans, NY

Lavonia QuartermanSavannah, GA

Mia SurgentAlexandria, LA

Vickye Arterberry-TerryLithonia, GA

Phyllis WisePhiladelphia, PA

Program Coordinators

Paul CameronKingdom Korner (East Windsor, CT)

Paul FrancisMen Without Chains (Springfield Gardens, NY)

Drea MalloryEden project (Atlanta, GA)

Andrea SchultersSESLD (Freeport, NY)

Dr. Quiona StephensMHAWS (Carmel, IN)

Ty WaltonKingdom Corner (Tupelo, MS)

Member Services


Treva BendyMember Services Manager (Katy, TX)

Jackie BelcherASR (Atlanta, GA)

Verneta Tolbert-ShepherdASR (Ellenwood, GA)

Yo'Kita SimmonsASR (Atlanta, GA)

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Let's Rebuild Black Wall Street
Not Across City Blocks, But Across Nations

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