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Our survival depends on working together and sharing resources. Therefore, our mission is to engage our community of family and friends in cooperative economics and shared wealth by supporting one another through Faith realization, financial education, wealth generation, debt elimination and tax minimization; Rebuilding Black Wall Street Not Across City Blocks, But Across Nations.


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Here's a quick video that explains why so many people are excited about Breaking Chains Enterprises, and why it is essential to supporting the needs of our community.

Why Join Our Cooperative?

Our Cooperative Concepts Are Designed to
Empower and Rebuild Our Communities

Shared Wealth & Works

A commitment to the practice of shared social wealth and the work necessary to achieve it. We come together and work together to create generational wealth.

Economic Self-Reliance

Being responsible for creating, retaining ownership, and managing the resources that our community needs to grow and thrive.

Responsibility of Generosity

No man should be left behind. The ultimate goal is to end poverty and vulnerability. We essentially need each other.

Member Programs & Benefits

Chain Breaker Wealth Academy

A comprehensive wealth creation and management program designed to give you the essential strategies needed to achieve financial freedom and create generational wealth.



Bringing Real Investments During Global Economic Seasons will bring investment opportunities to the Cooperative members who will have an opportunity to participate if they choose to do so.


Eden Project

An optional financial support arm of our Cooperative based on the principle of sowing and reaping (Mark 4: 26–29). When you plant a seed, attend to it, it will grow into a harvest.

Co-Op Business Directory

If you have a business, you can register your business in our Business Directory. We encourage our members to check the business directory first before purchasing elsewhere. 

Co-Op Talks

Business professionals are invited to educate us on different financial topics. We talk about financial investments, life insurance, creating a trust, protecting your money and assets, and much more.

Make Your Money Monday

Each week, we randomly select a business owner in the Cooperative who will get a premier highlight on Monday. We ask each member to sow, minimally $5, into the business of the week. 

Wealth Wednesdays

Our businesses have an opportunity to advertise their products and services, and offer our members a discount. We ask members to support our businesses within the Cooperative.  

Faith Fridays

We are a faith-based, Kingdom building Cooperative. Each week, we randomly select a church in the Cooperative. We ask each member to sow, minimally $5, into the church of the week. 

Member Referral

Every person that you refer to the Cooperative and they decide to join our wonderful family, you will receive $5 for that person every month.

Daily Prayer Call

As a faith-based cooperative, we believe in prayer. Therefore, we host a daily prayer call for our members to strengthen and encourage each other on our daily journey.

BCPC Scholarship Fund

U.S. student debt is rising at an alarming rate. As a Cooperative, our desire is help minimize the burden of paying for college by offering a scholarship to the family of our members.

The BCPC Medical Health & Wellness Services Program (MHAWS)

A comprehensive health & wellness platform committed to educating, informing, and supporting its members through medical debt support scholarships, educational seminars, newsletters, & more. This elective program is open to all BCE Members who elect to become Medical Program Participants.

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Let's Rebuild Black Wall Street
Not Across City Blocks, But Across Nations

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